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SaudiEDI’s focus is to provide eTrade services – through its SANAM suite of service – to streamline and automate the international trade cycle for the trading community in Saudi Arabia, resulting in significant savings in terms of time, money and resources for governments and businesses.

SANAM (Saudi Arabia’s Nationwide Automated Matrix), which denotes ‘Highest’ in Arabic, is an integrated suite of eTrade services offered by SaudiEDI. At its launch, it will encompass three services, namely, Import Manifest Submission, Delivery Order Management and Import Declaration.

The SANAM Import Manifest Submission Service allows Shipping Agents to submit manifest data electronically and conveniently from the comfort of their offices to multiple parties including the Customs Department, Ports Authority, Port Contractors and other related government agencies and business partners.

The Shipping Agents can then re-use the manifest data submitted to create and submit the electronic delivery order effortlessly through the SANAM Delivery Order Management service. In turn, the manifest and delivery order information can be re-used by Customs Brokers to file their electronic import declaration through the SANAM Import Declaration Service.

With SANAM, efficiency and transparency in key trade documentation processes will improve, bringing about time and cost savings for the trading community.

Following the implementation of the suite of import services, SaudiEDI will introduce the SANAM Export Manifest Submission Service and SANAM Export Declaration Service to extend the benefits of eTrade services to the export sector.

In the near future, value-added services and linkages to related will be provided to seamlessly connect and bring about greater benefits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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